Hosted by former All Pro Super Bowl champion Dorsey Levens, Bell-Rung asks the questions that need to be asked: Is it acceptable for professional football players to remain neglected by the league and owners as they confront a post-professional football life of disability and perpetual pain? Should professional football players have to endure trauma-induced brain damage, early onset dementia, and Alzheimer's disease, often beginning well before the age of fifty and resulting in astronomical medical expenses without appropriate coverage? Is society content to allow these former sports warriors to be cast aside and forgotten when they are no longer part of our national entertainment?

Professional football players frequently have been portrayed as partiers and club-goers with a mass of legal problems. Yet, scores of ex-players live a silent life of emotional, physical, and financial struggle resulting from their days in the professional arena and their former high-dollar incomes as professional football players are eaten up by lifelong struggles with brain related problems due to uncared for concussions. They exist far from the glitz of media coverage and professional football promotions, in stark contrast to their perceived stereotype. With Mr. Levens insider's view, Bell-Rung tells the alarming stories.